Hardcore Training

Fitness Factor Gym Kirkcaldy attracts all kinds of people from beginners to top pro competitors and athletes. Our Gym has a wide range of equipment from cardio and free weight to more specialist equipment and its own dedicated section of the gym to those interested in

  • Endurance Training
  • Powerlifting
  • Strongman Training
  • Upper Body Strength Training
  • Lower Body Strength Training
  • Speed Training & Conditioning

With a wide range of specialist equipment such as, prowler, rope tyre, farmers skip and log lifting.

We can advise you on training using the most effective techniques, supplements and equipment available. Regardless of your age or experience we can help you with your training, diet and providing ongoing support and motivation to help break through your strength and bodybuilding plateaus.

At Fitness Factor Gym we promote an enjoyable and competitive training environment where everyone regardless of age and experience, is encouraged to reach their own personal goals and aims. We do not only maintain a hardcore, hard-working atmosphere but a warm, comfortable and friendly environment which is enjoyed by all our members.